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Cortera Community Podcast is now live – Welcome to Community Vibes with Jim Swift

Welcome to Cortera Community Vibes, where each week Jim Swift, Cortera’s CEO gives you insight into today’s changing business climate. In this episode, we discuss how data is essential for every small and mid-sized business who extends or requires credit — especially now. Cortera’s business community can make the right calls by integrating the insights of Decisionomics into its credit choices.

LISTEN HERE: https://bit.ly/33qsRnU

In this first episode:

What does Cortera do and how does Cortera Pulse help businesses make better financial decisions through free credit reports?  The Cortera data holds billions of business interactions — which its machine learning and AI make searchable and ready for analysis down to the company level — by industry, geography and other filters.

> To learn more about Cortera:  www.cortera.com
> To get a 5-min demo: https://bit.ly/3dQe9tw